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Food at Lower Moor Farm

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Evening Meals  

If you do not fancy cooking in the evening or cannot get a booking in the local restaurants at busy times, we offer a meal delivery service.  You need to order the meal 24 hours in advance before 3pm so the meals can be freshly cooked for you on the day.  The meals are brought to you to be eaten straight away or delivered to your fridge so you can put them in the oven at your leisure.  You can order via email on, by text or phone on 07792554101, or of course, by person.  Payment can be made in cash or by card.

The meals are cooked up for 2 people or 4/5.  They cost £20 for 2 people and £40 for 4/5 people:

  • Cottage pie, beans and peas

  • Lasagne, green salad and garlic bread

  • Vegetable lasagne, green salad and garlic bread

  • Chilli con carne with rice

  • Thai chicken curry and rice

  • Vegetable curry and rice


We offer a breakfast hamper which includes bacon, sausages, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs and bread for £15.  This includes local produce where possible.  This also needs to be ordered 24 hours in advance before 3pm to allow us to obtain the food.

Lunch or snacks

We have a few lunch/ snack items you can purchase:

Chunk of Devon steak and vegetable pasty          £3

Chunk of Devon vegetable pasty (vegan)              £3

Pukka jumbo sausage roll                                       £2

Filled baguettes:                                                     £3

Cheese and tomato

Egg mayonnaise

Tuna, sweetcorn mayo



Homemade flapjack                                                £1.50

Extra items:

1 roasted chicken                                                    £10

6 chicken eggs                                                        £1.50

6 duck eggs                                                             £2

Bundles of firewood                                                £5

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