Animals at Lower Moor Farm

The goat barn
sheep and trees.jpeg
Buttercup the Golden Guernsey goat
Cookie the Golden Guernsey kid
Jemima and Beatrix our Khaki Campbell ducks
Oxford Sandy and Black pigs
The Golden Guernsey matriarchs - Honey, Willow and Daffodil

We have two dogs, Tilly and Bailey, a shitzu x and a cockerpoo.  We also have two 'barn' (they sleep in the house) cats Pixie and Tiger.  They can quite often be found sleeping in a hay bale during the day.

The barns have housed a variety of animals including horses, pigs, chickens, sheep throughout the centuries.


We are often very busy in the spring with lambing and kidding.  It is a joy to see the newborn lambs and kids skipping and jumping around the yard and fields. We are keen to keep rare breed animals so we currently have 5 Golden Guernsey goats - Honey, Willow, Daffodil, Bumble and Bea.  We also have a small flock of Black Welsh Mountain sheep.


The goats currently share the barn with our 5 chickens who provide us with free-range fresh eggs and we have two prolific Khaki Campbell ducks.

Come and meet the animals and learn how to look after them.

We have housed 3 sets of Oxford Sandy and Black pigs at the top of the garden that have provided us with delicious pork, sausages, bacon and chops.  We have pork available for sale.

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