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Cottage garden

The cottage garden is to the south of the house.  It is an established garden with a large variety of trees, bushes, shrubs and plants.  It is very much a labour of love and we are making improvements each year.

Our first project has been to clear away all the mess and chop down a lot of the conifers that were blocking the light to the rest of the garden.  The Japanese Acer is the crowning glory of the garden.  We have created a pig enclosure at the top of the garden so the pigs can be outside rooting around.  The greenhouse is set up with salad leaves and onions, and the number of raised beds is increasing the amount we grow for ourselves and guests.   We have demolished the delapidated caravan and now have to come up with another den idea for our daughters...There are various seating areas dotted around with a barbecue and trampoline that guests are welcome to use and we are hoping to instal a firepit in the near future. There is a lawned area to one side.

Japanese acer
One of many seating areas
bluebell path
Old barn
Pig arc and enclosure
Fig tree
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